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36 C-10 trunk handle / lock


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     I have a trunk handle that when locked the square shaft only locks up in the unlock position and seems to be slipping over something it is not supposed to be slipping over when turning in the direction to lock the trunk.  The other handle is completely free of the square shaft when unlocked and locks up in both directions in the locked position.  Is this a common problem and is it serviceable?

     Also the wheels of our car has what appears to be nice white paint under a thin coat of black paint, I used a lacquer thinner dampened rag and removed some of the black paint, (which does come off easily), and the white paint seems to be unaffected by the thinner as I see no white pigment on the rag.  I really am not looking forward to doing four wheels with a lacquer thinner rag but am afraid a paint stripper will affect the white paint can anyone recommend anything more user friendly than lacquer thinner.

  Getting the C-10 ready for a trip!



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