Crankcase breather

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Hi to all here,

can you please tell me where on the Big 6 engine is there provision for the crankcase breather/ ventilation. My Big 6 leaks oil badly, there is more oil under it than in it.

Slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth. I have found that at the front and back of the engine, where #1 and # 6 cylinder walls meet the cast section for the valve adjustments and cover plates, there is a slot that is sealed with (probably asbestos) material/ gasket and held in place with a metal strip.

This seems to act like a sponge and draw oil (probably with the aid of crankcase compression) and seep out like a slow eruption from a volcano. 

Is this area designed to help vent the build up of bypass compression?

I want to seal it up to stop the oil leaks but don't want to inhibit any gas build up/venting, will this create a bigger monster?

I see on the RHS of the engine between 2 of the cylinders there is a 1/2 inch hole (approax) which appears to be a crude method of venting?

Any thoughts would be helpful,

thanks .........Roger 

Brisbane, Australia


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