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Lenses are reversed on my Enclosed Trailer?

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I started to convert my United Trailer (Bought New) from regular tail light bulbs to LED's. Upon doing this I discovered that the Red Lenses are reversed (Top to Bottom) on the passenger side of the trailer. The bulbs are also placed opposite from the Left side compared to the Right side. (The bulbs are placed upright on the DS and placed down from the sockets on the PS) This is the way it came from the factory. Lenses have never been taken off. Has anybody ever come across this?? When I put the new LED's in it appeared to have different brightness (Not much) from Right to Left.(Lenses placed the same) Question:Did the factory install the lenses this way on purpose which would mean the lenses bend light different from its placement? Thanks in advance-Larry

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Just IMO, If the lights can be put in either side and either way, the factory person installing them just put them in and they worked electrically.  I would not worry about it as long as the electrical circuits are all functioning fine.


Maybe I will go out and look at my trailer tomorrow if I remember.

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