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Congratulations to the NEW BOD-Elect


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I would personally like to thank everyone who ran and everyone who voted.

I certainly hope that those who were not successful this time around try again in the future.


I would also like to remind everyone that this is YOUR club....VOTE if you want a say in how it's ran.

I have now completed notifying all of those who ran of their results.

Congratulations to the three top vote getters who will be seated at the BOD meeting on Friday Morning in Allentown.


A total of 901 ballots were cast. This compares to 681 in 2015, 872 ballots in 2014, and  825 in 2013. A large turnout for a large field!

The voting results are as follows:




DiBarry, Larry M

BCA #18395 (PA)



Safrit, Robert (Bob)

BCA #4388 (NC)



Wiegand, Terry

BCA #25247 (KS)



Schramm, Larry

BCA #25456 (MI)



Meyer, Sidney

BCA #15922 (IN)



Starzyk, Bob

BCA #39653 (IL)



Basiorka, Lance

BCA #43818 (IL)



Ryder, Sean

BCA #45996 (NJ)



Rein, Michael

BCA #45993 (MN)






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Congrats and thanks to all for running. 


Its interesting to to me that I have met / know most of the field. I guess that's what attending national and some local meets, along with spending time here on the forum will do. Not to derail the thread but the longer I'm in this club, the more it is about the people and the adventures along the way - the Buick brand is simple the starting point for bringing us together. 


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Congratulations to the three elected, and also to the others who have shown a willingness to run,  Also thanks to the BOD members and especially to the President who have show considerable effort in improvements to the organization, during the past three years of service. 



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I want to pass along congrats to the 3 winners that will serve on the Board of Directors. It is clear that the real winners are the membership who had a lot of choices. There was a strong field and shows the depth the BCA has.

I wish everyone the best of luck, with the guidance from our current president Brian Clark I am sure the club will continue to grow.

I want to also offer a big thank you to Paul and Marck who I had the pleasure to work with the past 3 years

Thanks for your time served, the club is stronger for your efforts

Thank You

Chuck Kerls


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15 hours ago, Terry Wiegand said:

I also want to thank those who voted for us and placed their trust in us to get things done.


Terry Wiegand

Out Doo Dah Way

Congrats to da man from Doo Dah land! Now go forward and stir sir, but gently my friend. ;):)

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Congrats to those elected. I will run again. was nice to meet past and present BOD's at meeting today. I did suggest the Results should be posted in the Bugle and made a Sticky on forums. It took me some time to find it.

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