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NEW! Dodge Truck Serial Number book 1917-1980


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I wrote a 164 page book that covers 1917-1980 Dodge, Dodge Brothers, Graham Brothers, Plymouth, De Soto, and Fargo trucks built for domestic, export, and military sales in the US and Canada. It also covers 1953-1963 Australian truck production.

This is the most complete collection of serial numbers for these brands available. It covers every model of truck made for the years and brands listed. The information was gathered from hundreds of factory sources and verified by checking thousands of trucks. In addition to charts of numbers there are pictures of serial number tags and frame number locations as well as explanations of how to find and decode a serial number.


Look at the link to see the book:




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does your book give production #''s?

I have a 1937 MD 15 which I've owned for over 20 years and just found on line "Chrysler serial # guide 1927-1957" and from how I read it they only built 275 of them.

Even if this information is not correct I would buy your book just to know and have some documentation of how many were built if you have production figures.


1937 Right.jpg


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