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Does anyone have a high resolution scan of this Zephyr X-ray illustration that you can share?  Thanks.



zep2-760x3832 zphyr.png

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A few questions:

What size is the original? Out of a magazine? Is it a half-tone, or continuous tone?  If it's a scan, what size is the DPI  (dots Per Inch)  If the original is 72 dpi and you need it for a publication at 300 dpi., theres a few tricks you can use.


What will the final image be used for?


A lot can be done to increase its size without any degradation.


I have over twenty years of Photography and photoshop.  Send me a Tiff or JEPG and I'll see what I can do.  knobsoup@gmail.


You may also want to check with Dave Cole. He has a vast collection of old photos.   If he has it, his son Richard at Graphics LTD could rescan it at a higher resolution for  your needs.

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