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Just a nice picture of a 1933 Buick 90

outlaw car man

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Will you be bringing these to the "All Buick Car show" @ King Buick GMC at the Centerra Motorplex (I-25, Exit 259) on June 18th ?

I'll be there with my '40 LTD. Probably drive up Friday and camp out close by. Maybe we can get together..........

See attached flyer for details.

Mike in Colorado


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I'll do that good idea. I can send 4-5 of the big 90s over-

Mike, the green 90 is in a collection in Wyoming now, I still have the black one that I'm thinking of selling- ( thinking) . I don't drive it but around the area here, a break down and repair of a 1933 Buick 90 is not a good thought if I plan on moving it.

I've been saying this for years but the birthday candles are adding up, you know.  

June is pretty well tied up for me, those two facts  and the potential, keeps the black 90 all bundled up in the garage.

138" wheel base.

Car was originally owned by the DuPont family and is mostly original. 52,000 ( close) original miles. Now has the original trunk on it.

Wonderful beauty-

Thanks for the kudos, runs perfectly, ALWAYS. That's a good thing, engine EXTREMELY rebuilt in the late 70s like 1933 new engine.

Issues are moth damage in mostly the headliner- nobody had the " balls" to replace an original 1933 Buick interior- me neither !!!!!! ( but I've done one )  






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Me-Scott Arendt and my wife Michelle Arendt are looking for a Buick, Pierce Arrow, or Cadillac. My father, Jay - now 73 years old has been into old car his entire life, he owned many Buicks and also an extremely rare Interstate, he has since sold all is vehicles and we are thinking about purchasing a classic.


We as a family, when I was 16 ran the Great American Race in a Buick.


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I wish I could have bought Jay's blue 60 Series Roadster - (I think it was a 1930 - or possibly 1931). That gentleman is a class act, and I assume he raised his family the same way.


We toured with Jay several times, and I don't think I ever saw him without his pearl-colored Stetson.

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