1951 Imperial restoration has begun

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Hi Rich, Capt. Den, et al.  


I know this is an old thread, but I just couldn't resist.


So....Rich...You have sold the '51 Imperial convertible?  Is the new owner planning on restoring it?


And Capt. Den:  Is this thread dead?  I just found it recently, and I am finally getting serious about restoring my 1951 Imperial convertible.  The hemi engine appears to be in good shape; all the major parts are there; Rob Hughes has found some nos rear fender gravel guards for me, and we have moved the car from the back lot up to front and center.

Coincidentally, I just bought a (2nd!!) 1951 Imperial 2-dr hardtop from a South Dakota.  So, I no have three of these 51s.  And they are probably the only 51 Imperials in existence that don't have power steering.  And two of them (including the convertible) have the Fluid-Matic tranny, not the Fluid-Torque.

My first project on the "new" car is to get a modern sound system.  On all of my other old cars I put a Kleenex box under the dash with a modern Sony system in it.  I would love to keep the new car 6-volt, but it is very hard to do tht in a ca that has a 6-volt positive ground.


Any suggestions?


I have attached a photo of "the new car."  I have a few more if anyone is interested.




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Get yourself a smart phone if you do not have one. Get yourself a decent small blue tooth speaker. Add Velcro to the speaker and put it wherever you like in the car. Match up the phone to the speaker and play the music you have stored on the phone or in the cloud. Also get a portable battery charger to keep the phone and speakers charged.  You can stream or listen to stored music for as long as you want depending on your cell phone plan.

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