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Strasburg tour 2016

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I went with a  couple of old car buddies yesterday and crashed the party at Joe Swann's place in Wrightsville, Pa.  Some very nice cars on the tour, quite a few T's of course, but also a Ford Model K touring, a Model 18 Packard, a Columbia, a Winton, EMF, a few Cadillacs, some Buicks, a 14/15 Pierce.  Weather was beautiful, my guess is at least 45-50 cars, I don't know exact count, but a very nice assortment of very nice tour vehicles.


Everyone was enjoying the weather and the setting, and got to tour Joe's upholstery shop.  He and his wife had an EMF on display that they've driven across country, very impressive, read about it here:  http://bswann1912.blogspot.com/ 



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Yikes, forgot to list the Dodge Brothers...although I only saw one at the Swann stop...but a very nice car...hey, Rob was with us on the trip, so we had plenty of time to discuss the cabriolet!  He's made great progress....

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