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Hupmobile Touring Model 20

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Fenders aren't that difficult to make. You need a former made out of 10 inch wide steel plate about ¼ inch thick with one end rounded on the corners (about the same ark as a jam tin) to the shape of the fender (we call them mudguards). You can get a steel supply shop to cut out the plate, longer than the fender will be, and you round the corners yourself. This plate will do for front and rear fenders.

The procedure is to cut out a piece of 20 guage steel sheet the size of the former with enough to bend over the thickness of the former and a bit more, say ½ inch all around except one end. Then clamping it to the former, tap the steel sheet all around the edge of the former and underneath as well. When done, slide out the former and you have the beginnings of a new fender. If you are interested I will send some pictures.

Edgar the Innovator

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