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What year did the hub caps on Andy Griffith show 1964 Custom 500 come off of?

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I have been trying to find out what year the hubcaps on the 1964 squad car on the Andy Griffith show come off of. They are not the correct hubcaps for that year. Not many photos of that car online but the one I found shows the hubcaps form the drivers side. Any help in solving this will be appreciated greatly!

64 police car 2.jpg

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Is it possible that Ford Motor Company was still using up last years parts when that car was assembled?  They have a long history of doing that.  Ford sponsored the show and in the later years almost all the background cars were Fords.  Otis had a 1933 Ford Roadster, Aunt Bea had a 1955 Ford convertible, they had visitors in a Lincoln.  Only the bank robbers drove a Chevrolet.

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