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two batteries?!?!?


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just getting my 35 527T running again after 10 years or so in storage.  A few steps into the ordeal,, I replaced the dead battery.  Excited to start 'er up, turned the key, pressed the starter button...nuttin.  Got out the voltage tester and started tracing wires.  All hot under the hood, so I started under the dash.  Being extremely tight (honestly not too fat!) so I removed the front seat...surprise, surprise!!!  Another battery under the floorboard!  Say what?????  

Tested the voltage and, you're right...zippo.


Just made it back from purchasing another battery...about $250 spent on batteries alone...grrr.  


Anyway, why two batteries?  I know Hup's were noted for their reliability and all, but...???  Anyway, gonna hook up the new one tomorrow and see if I get fire!


Is this model just a weird one, or is this more common that I knew?



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Do you have a wiring diagram? I would think that the battery under the floor was original and the first one you found was added for some strange reason. Maybe a homemade attempt at 12 volt ignition. I am as curious as you for an answer.

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