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installing 28 Dist in 26 Buick

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A few years ago I installed a 28 or later GM 6 cyl Delco distr in my 27 Buick. That way I could go to Napa and buy all the parts for distr. for under 440.  I know I had to change rear gear on gen. with a 28 gear. Can't remember if I can still use the 26 Distr. end plate with 28 drive gear inside ? Thanks for any help.

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I did the same conversion as well not only so I could use a more available points set but also because the pot metal had expanded and was bound up so the adv/retard no longer worked. The gear however was the same so I didn't have to do the change that you are talking about. The only thing I did change was the plate for the adv/retard with its clamp so it would marry up with the arm off the steering column gear on the 26.

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I have a 1928 Buick distributor in my 1926-26, works great. I had to make a new adjustable advance/retard plate as the original had been welded on at one point in time. And yes, the gear is the same. I did have to adjust the height of the distributor for the distributor gear to mesh on the centerline of the gear on the generator shaft. 


Check out this link to a past post.







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