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i HAVE SEVERAL PIECES OF EARLY LITERATURE FOR SALE. ALL ITEMS ARE OVER 90 YEARS OLD, AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF EACH PIECE. FIRST COME FIRST GOT IT.<P>1 How to adjust spark coil. National Carbon<BR> Co. Cleveland, Oh. Dated 1/1/07. 5 page <BR> booklet.<BR>2 Morgan & Wright, Detroit Rubber works.<BR> Folder "GOOD TIRES" `1905-07-07.<BR>3 Firestone Tires. 16 pages, 6 X 3 1/2, <BR> 1907. All about firestone tires.<BR>4 Pres-O-Lite. 4 pages. 31/4 X 6 1/4, 1905-<BR> 1909.<BR>5 Goodyear Tires, Akron Oh. 1907-08. How to<BR> select a tire, 10 pages. 7 1/4 X 5.<BR>6 G & J Tire Co. Indianapolis, In. 1907<BR> 8 pages. 7 X 5. some pictures.<BR>7 Weed Chain. Tire grips. 1905-09. 8 pages.<BR> 5 X 6 3/4. Nice color cover, and some <BR> pictures.<BR>8 Midgley Products, Columbus Oh. Universal <BR> tir rims. 10X6 1/4 unfolded.<BR>9 Portable chain hoist, Maris Brothers, <BR> Philadelphia, Pa. 6 x 4, 8 pages. 1896<BR>10 Jones Speedometer, NewYork,N.Y. 1906,<BR> 8 X 5. 10 Pages some illustrations.<BR>11 Pratical Gas and OIl Engine Hand Book. <BR> by L.Elliot Brookes. Copyright 1906.<BR> Soft cover 195 pages. Maintence and care<BR> of Stationary, marine, and portable Gas <BR> and Gasoline engines. Excellent cond.<BR> $ 40.00<P>All the above are a pamplet type advertising<BR>and in excellent condition. Some have illustrations of products. All (Ex # 11) are priced at $35.00 postpaid. I listed these pieces here rather than on E-Bay, so someone<BR>who enjoys the early era cars can purchase and enjoy.<BR>E-mail me for any questions.<BR>Remember that there is only one of each piece.<P>James Schilf /

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