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Air cleaner, 1963


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I am running an Edelbrock 1406 on my 425. It runs GREAT. What I don't like is the rinky-dink looking air cleaner. I don't want to cut and weld my original, I have saved all original parts which I've removed (including my "water heater" exhaust system which I regret replacing). I've saved the stock height coils...well you get the picture. I would like to find the bottom (at least) of an air cleaner I can modify to sit down over the carb and allow me to run my Wildcat 465 top. Anyone have a spare? Or is there another air cleaner from another car running the AFB that is close enough or the same? (Hollander # anyone?) 

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Oh yeah.  I'm just able to retain what others before me have made comments on.  


Now, what I'd like to know from you is where did you develop your talent for miniatures?  I'd like to see pictures of your other hobbies besides the Buicks.  I see you list in your signature, and I've seen some of your creations one by one, but how about posting a picture of everyone in one post?


Somethings that I took from your signature.


1940's, Whizzer bike

*1957, France motor scooter

*1940, Rexner tether car

*2012 1946, 25" scale model of the Detroit parade float.  by?

*1963 John Snowberger 24" hand formed Indy car, # 98   by?

*2013, 27" Art Deco model of 1941 vision of a TRUCKS TO COME, by me.

*30" model of the 1940 GM FuturLiner, by me.

*30" model of the GOOGLE LOCOMOTIVE, by me.

30" 1927 Miller Indy car model by me.


 Thanks, Ed.



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