What was it used for????

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I know exactly what this is for!

When I was a kid there was one in the garage,left by the previous owner.Playing around the neighborhood we found a cannonball out in the bushes.It was so heavy we had to roll it home.Ya,sounds dumb now but as a kid of course you bring it home.

Well we figured that old gizmo would be great to move our new "toy" around.So we got it in there and pushed it out the driveway across the street and started up the neighbor's drive.It was a bit of incline so we needed to push.I was in the back and dontcha know it started rolling back right over my fingers.

Jeez hurt like hell,ran into the house,mom put it in cold water I guess.She briefly thought about taking me to the doctors to get it looked at .In the end she decided not to,she didn't want to have to explain how her son had been run over by a cannonball.


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Yes, Ken, great story....and glad you still have use of all the digits!  A lot of songs over the years use a similar phrase, "Catch a Cannon Ball", and sometimes it refers to catching a train, as they were called that if they were fast.  On the battlefields of the Civil War, though, it was at one time thought fun to "catch a cannon ball" as it rolled across the field, not spent nor exploded.  Many men lost limbs trying this trick, as the momentum and rolling force of a heavy ball is not to be trifled with...

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