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Euro 1970 Rekord 1900 GT

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Did anyone see this rare-in-the-U.S. 1970 Opel Rekord GT? It was for sale on ebay, had original paint and interior, low mileage, but didn't meet the reserve, bid to $6,100. They weren't officially imported, but this one was brought over in '72, as I recall from the listing. I see them in at the Veterama Show in Mannheim, Germany, but never saw one on this side of the Pond.


What a cool ride to take to an Opel Club meet!



70 Opel Rekord GT 3.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 4.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 5.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 6.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 6b.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 6d.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 8.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 10a.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 11.jpg

70 Opel Rekord GT 1a.jpg

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Can't say I'd seen it, until opening this post.  But, wow ... looks awesome ... really love that color, too.



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This seems to be a 1.9l CIH. I4, 90 horsepower 4 speed manual transmission Opel Rekord C build between 1967 to 1972.

 Ther was no GT version available, looks like a self made creation. The car has an Austrian country sticker on the back.

This vehicle Typ Assembly  was Continued in Brasil, when production was changed over to the „D“ model in 1972/73. in Rüsselsheim.


Regards from Germany




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