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67 300 tips

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The old C bodies are pretty straight forward.

Drum brakes. Heavy cars, but not to much trouble. Just don't abuse the brakes.

440 engines are simple, however the base engine is a 383, also simple but a slight difference so be sure of which it is.

Those B/RB engines are famous for leaking oil from the valve covers because the exhaust manifolds are so close. Best to replace gaskets rather than just tightening.

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Don't turn down a good 300 because it only has the regular 440 vs the TNT, not much difference in them. The 440 will have a flat horizontal pad on the front of the block, driver's side, near the distributor hold down bolt, the 383 will not have one in that location. Most of the TNT engines will have the engine size stamped on that pad with an "HP" following it, this is not an absolute but a letter following the '440' will indicate the year of the block. I am just not familiar with which letter stands for which year. 4 piston caliper Disc brakes were available for the 67 year, the lower? (or is it the upper?) ball joint that goes with them is extremely hard to find. The 67 2 door hardtop also has the flow through ventilation that included the vent under the backglass and that should be checked for rust.

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