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Vintage gas pump stolen....


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Even though I have my 5 gallon FRY pump now bolted down, someone will still destroy the mounting if they want it bad enough. When I was on the Petrolina Forums this was a common story. Mine is worth nowhere near what a pump with it's original parts is worth since I am missing the pump base and the glass cylinder was replaced with acrylic.

Fry with Gravel Shield#29.JPGI hope they find the culprit !!! I will be suspicious if a Pump base shows up for sale.

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8 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Yeah....a lot of folks think their old stuff is made from a platinum base....

Yes and in the article if mentions $10,000.  That could be for insurance purposes. 

None the less, some low lifer has something he has no right to.  Wayne

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Nothing is safe in this world. Seem's like people have less and less morals. My radiator went for scrap and I could not bring charges on who did it as without the evidence, or a confession, the police could not arrest or bring charges on the thieves. I did get a replacement and the old grader is back together and running. Dandy Dave! 

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The value of the pump ( I think defrauding an insurance company is a crime) and the state of morality are less important than the opportunity to learn about security. My Grandfather ALWAYS taught me to beware of potential thieves.


I have always laughed at the term "security light". You don't leave a light on for thieves. Keep it dark and leave stuff near the garage for them to trip on. If something good has to be stored outside put it under a pile of crap. If four bolts held that pump at the base I would have had one odd nut that required a chisel to turn. The pump had a light? Know what you can do with a N.O. mercury switch. You don't have to hurt then real bad before they move on.


He had spent some time riding the rails and living in hobo camps during the '30's. He had a pretty good bag of nasty tricks. Once he felt he was overcharged by a garage we'll just call Bernie's service. He came back to the shop all smiles after nailing a sign that said "Bernie's Service is a crook" about 10 up a telephone pole near their shop. I told him they would just tear it down. That's when he smiled biggest and said they'd have to climb up there to find the dirty grease on the back side.


Come sneaking over to my place some night. Bring a flashlight. You know I won't leave the security light on. Oh, I figured you might have the flashlight.


This house and garage are protected by the experience and deviousness discussed during lunch at Jerry's Tire Shop. I'm in the black sweatshirt

TireShop2.jpg Bernie


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