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looking for 33-58 parts

a griffin

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I am in the middle of a restoration of a 1933 model 58.


I am looking for an exhaust manifold as mine is no longer usable.


Also looking for a trunk hinge, one trunk latch and hubcaps for artillery wheels.

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I have a 1932 series 50 with a 1934 engine in it.

The exhaust manifold is from a 32 because the exhaust pipe is at front of engine.

I think in 33 they move exhaust pipe port to the middle of engine.

So if you want to put new exhaust pipe on, you could run a 32 exhaust manifold.

See picture of my 34 engine with 32 exhaust.

Also picture of 1933 exhaust system at bottom.

My Buick 9.JPG

1933 Buick engine.jpg

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