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So I picked this up on the weekend - 1953 Desoto.


Its an original Alberta car, has 33xxx miles on the odometer and apparently just came our of a museum, which it was stored at for the last 30-35 years. It has the hemi, power steering, power windows, and power brakes and everything seems to work. I even drove it home! I realize the 4 door isn't as desirable, but it will work great for my family!


So a couple of questions, I want to go through this thing before I haul my kids and take them to some car shows (brakes, carb, electronics, lights, etc). Any recommendations or things to watch for?


For the Fluid Drive transmission - any recommendations or literature on how to service it?


I need to find a mirror for the drivers door, does anyone have a up close picture of what they are suppose to look like, having a had time getting a good idea of what stock looked like. Haven't been able to find a 1953 mirror but see some other options from 55-58 dodge/desoto cars.


Car seems to be super clean, apparently had a repaint once early in its life but the interior is original. Chrome is impressive, no pitting or peeling. Has a few little dents and scrape but overall pretty sweet condition for a 1953.




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I don't have any answers for you, but wanted to welcome you & say "congratulations" on your new acquisition ... it looks great!



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Pretty car!


I realize I may be more paranoid than many, but were it mine:


Oil change w/filter

Transmission fluid change w/filter if it has one

Third member fluid change

Check wheel bearings and axle bearings

REPLACE the 30 year old tires!

Inspect the exhaust system!

Drain, flush, and refill the radiator and change the hoses.

Inspect and adjust the brakes!

Replace the fan belt(s)


That would be a good start.



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