Kosage Chavis

1955 Buick Century

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1 hour ago, Kosage Chavis said:

...the 55 Buick Century hardtop.


That IS my favorite too!  Awesome vehicle!  Great options! 

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19 hours ago, lancemb said:

Are your kids excited to see yours progress after seeing those cars?

My oldest son's interest in our Buick is minimal.  Every once in a while, he will ask about or check on me if I am working on it.  My youngest son, who is only 4, is too young to care.  My daughter is the one who cares the most and will literally sit in the car with me as I work.  It's so funny because it reminds me if when I would sneak into my Dad's Buick when I was a little, just to sit in it.


10 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:


And there's the catch 22 of this hobby!   You can never guarantee any equity in this field,  no matter what the brand or pedigree. 

I hope the Coker family is satisfied with the results of the sale. 

And thanks for the pictures !  Bob did have these cars in Buickful condition , may he rest in peace!

Personally, I couldn't care less how much my car is worth to another person.  It's priceless to me and I imagine that's why Mrs Coker sold those cars for as low as she did.  You are very welcome for the pictures.  

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According to Mr Lamar, Mr Coker was said to be a stickler for being correct when restoring these Buicks.  So well, well, well.  What do we see here?  20181103_102323.thumb.jpg.2f404a8c6fbbcda92e8afeaa0259717b.jpgLooks like we were wrong about that rear speaker switch knob.  Turns out that the rear speaker switch knob is the same style knob you'd find on the Buick AC control panel.  No big deal though, I already have it.  Of course I couldn't avoid Mr Lamar joking with about rear speaker knobs.

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