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Does anyone have a list of body manufacturers from 1928-32 for the Dodge Brothers Trucks and Commercial Cars ?


I know Martin-Parry was one of them after the spring of 1930  but that's the only one I've located so far.

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You are correct Jan,


 I understand there were many makers of the time period such as Hercules, Stoughton, Rock Hills, Pickwick, Cantrell, just to name a few ... but I just cannot pinpoint enough info in the literature that's specific to the Dodge Brothers Commercial and Truck lineup other than JT Cantrell made the bodies for wagons and suburbans and Martin-Parry beginning in April 1930 were makers of the 3/4 ton 124" and 1 ton 133" wheelbases but with no mention of the exact body styles...


USHCO would have been another Dodge Brothers supplier from the late 20's into the 30's but it only mentions "Depot hacks, canopy express and station wagon bodies" from this supplier with no mention of the other various body styles such as "Panel, Stake, Farm"  etc...


Coachbuilt.com website is a great and useful tool that lists many different body manufacturers for commercials but most of what I've found is pointing to Ford & Chevy suppliers with some Dodge Bros listed yet most of those Dodge suppliers are from different time frames than I'm looking for .


Looking for anything specific to the time frame of 1928-32

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It helps point me in the right direction.. thank you David !


Thanks to Machinist Bill I have a Ross Roy sales booklet that lists approximately 20 distributors under Millfinburg Body Co.  . This should lead to some substantial answers for me going forward.

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