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wanted: 1932 Dodge DK8 transmission or countershaft

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OH BROTHER, I think I just erased all the requests from me and all the replies by accident!!  This is Larry Yirga and I need to have Scott DG8 call me on my cell phone.

MY cell number is (740) 361-1838)  I really would like to have that countershaft.


Today was a crazy day and I missed the earlier call from you at around 2 or 3 pm,on our landline phone but when I tried calling the number you left on our answering machine It rang busy from  5pm on until I quit calling at 9:30 pm.   I will have the cell phone with me all day tomorrow, let's try this again.   I have a doctor appointment  tomorrow .from 8am until maybe 9 or 10am.   You can leave a message there and that cell phone will capture your phone number    and message. You can also give me your email address  by phone or here on the forum.   I need to know your price and your mailing address.  my email is  yirgaman@netzero.net   and I do not have a smart phone nor can I text.



The picture you sent of the countershaft was a really big surprise!   Thanks for your patience.


Larry Yirga


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It was good to finally have a chance to talk with you. I'm including the final pictures of the countershaft before mailing it out tomorrow so you will have an idea of what you will be expecting/receiving. The two shots of the countershaft were rotated to show you pretty much both side so that you can see that there are no chips or missing teeth. As I mentioned I'm including the shims that were used with this countershaft for what it may be worth.  Scott...


Countershaft Side #1...



Countershaft side #2...



In process of packing for shipment...



All protected...



Boxed and will ship tomorrow...



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Wow, it looks great Scott!!   Do you see this thing, Taylormade? This is what we expected to find inside that DL trans. when you were here.  I'm grateful for you showing me how to take one apart. You said putting it back together will be just the reverse, right??? 


I will give it a good home Scott.  It looks like your packaging is real professional.   I'll let you know when it arrives.


  I thought I might be banned from this forum for accidentally deleting all the posts for this project.  Luckily I had printed out most if not all of them for future reference.  Thanks to all you guys who passed out advice and tried to help.






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Nice score, Larry!  I hope you have your car on the road this summer.  Glad you got the bronze bearing spacers with the shaft, I remember you just had some washers in there.

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The countershaft from Scott arrived today correct helix and all!!  My search has ended!  I owe a big thanks to him for stepping up and letting me know about it.  Thanks to all you other guys as well!



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