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Perusing Kansas City Craigslist


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Those cars are still reasonably priced considering they are the last Riviera. Imagine if they would have put the Northstar engine in these Silver Arrows. Probably see them for sale much less often and priced much higher.  Many Rivieras that have a higher appreciation rate usually its a model with more HP. 64 KX, 65 LX, 66 MZ, 71/72 GS with the big valve heads, 73 Stage 1 option, later T-Type turbo cars, etc.


Wonder if this seller has all the special trinkets that came with the SA.


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If someone can 'list' the trinkets, I'll give the guy a call.  "IF" I were to take a look at this car, what should I be aware of as normal wear and tear, and what should I look for in the way of common maladies?  Rust in certain areas?  Having owned a '95, I'm aware of steering column wiggle, rust around the engine and suspension cradles.  What else goes wrong if not properly maintained?



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I think.......

Front license plate

special floor mats

Two sterling key chains

Numbered badge

Car Cover

Sterling pen and special booklet


think these are the main items that could become separated from the car over the years.


Alan Oldfield is very knowledgeable on these and I think he has the registry for them also

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I think you got it Jason! Those are pretty much the things that could have gotten separated/lost, here is a pic of the sticker that shows everything that was included in the SA package.


'99 window sticker 002.6.JPG


After buying two Silver Arrows I have at least one of everything except the Sterling Silver Pen, those seem to be pretty had to come by.

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