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We should have a video library of CJE classes


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I convinced my wife to let me schedule two family vacations this year to judge away from home, so it was my first time away from Hershey. I was surprised by the several different classes they offered for CJE, which makes sense, as experts willing to give up their time in different topics would vary across the country. Made me think that it'd be nice to have a video library of CJE classes. 


Expertise is shared world wide to the benefit of judges and restorers.
No waiting to pick one and only one class each year at your local event.
Able to have visual reference to go along with paper hand outs for future.

Even higher need for fact/exception checking/references.
Extra workload on a volunteer organization. Especially if any editing work is to be involved.
Possible diminished interest in live CJE experiences.

As a younger judge (32, born in 1983 so I missed growing up working on these older cars on a daily basis) I have far less experience than most of the folks I get to work with. I do love the AACA process that doesn't require me to be an expert, but I want to be a better expert than I am. I was blow away by the stove bolt Chevy motor class in its depth. Loved it from the historical perspective, but reminded me how much farther I have to go as an educated judge. I realize I can't be a subject matter expert on every vehicle, but striving to be a period matter expert would be great! Most videos online that I've come across don't cover historical changes, or judging principles, but rather "here is my car".

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I think this is a great idea for the main reason of being able to watch a class that you haven't been able to take, or for a refresher.  Agreed that it would be difficult to video tape each one, then edit it and host it here.  But it's a good idea :)

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