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John Myer, Past President

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I'm tremendously saddened by this news.  Seems a generation has passed - John, Janet, Ron, - these were the folks who helped me in my earliest years volunteering to work with the AACA, initially as a moderator at the Philadelphia Publications Seminar, then eventually following in John's footsteps as Vice President of Publications.  I learned so much from him and could never begin to express my gratitude for the guidance and occasional "push" over the ensuing years.  John was an avid touring fan, and was our official "time-keeper" for the Buzzies meetings.  He was fun to be with, and was a tremendous asset to AACA.  I'll always treasure the times spent with John and Nancy.  Rest in peace John, we'll all tour again someday.


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I had some great friends on the Board, but none closer to me than John Myer and his wife Nancy.  I often called a greeting to him using a fondness name I gave him, "Uncle John", and he'd just smile and "Whatcha been doin' Earl?"  I will dearly miss seeing John at National Club events, Meet and Tours.  He went out of his way to bring his '56 Cadillac to Virginia in 2001 to support the first prototype AACA Sentimental Tour which I Chaired.  We were real friends, and although at first he wasn't sure of the idea, he wanted to support me.  I will always be grateful.  On last year's Founders Tour he went out of his way to invite us to have dinner with he and Nancy.  I rode part of the Arizona Founders Tour in 2004 in his Cadillac.  His '56 Cadillac was a tough old car that made many an AACA National Tour.  And, when he was President, he was tireless, knowledgeable, firm, confident, and showed unyielding leadership that was more proof that was a true and gifted leader and he took a back seat to none.  I had nothing but respect for him, and I will miss him.  He was also a tireless early leader for and fund raiser for the AACA Museum.  He almost single-handedly raised $100,000 in donations for the Museum when he made a bet with another friend that he could do it, and the other guy said if he could, that man would match the $100,000.  Let none of these great accomplishments for the benefit of AACA and the members of AACA be forgotten with the passing of time.  John Myer was a GIANT as a leader in this Club who rivaled all who have ever passed this way.


Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr., Past National President, 2004

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On 5/3/2016 at 0:14 PM, Steve Moskowitz said:

Former National Past President, John Myer passed away yesterday.  We are waiting to hear of the arrangements. John was as dedicated to AACA as anyone and will be missed. 

Steve:  I think when somebody did so much for AACA for so long as did John Myer, and with such dignity and honor, that person's passing deserves to be kept at the top of the list for a period of time.  I think you are the only one who can do that.  Earl Beauchamp Jr

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it is always sad  that a person of such importance to our hobby has passed away.  His memories and his contributions will live on forever. My condolences are extended to his family and his legion of friends. Rest in peace Mr. Myer.

 In sympathy from Wayne in Canada

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