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What thermostat in 425?


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I looked on O'Reilly's website and found at least three choices for 63 425. Murray temp control plus, Temp control Ultra (larger than OEM opening) and Moto-Rad Fail Safe. I plan to run 180* Suggestions?

I tried a search but results were for the entire AACA site. I couldn't figure out how to narrow it down to Nailhead/Riviera.

P.S. Car currently has a 15# cap, is that correct or should it be 16#....?

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I recommend the Fail-Safe 180 degree thermostat.  If you ever overheat due to the thermostat sticking shut, it has a secondary mechanism that locks the piston open.  Then the coolant flows again and you don't wreck the engine.


A 15# cap is plenty.



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