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Who Is driving to 2016 TC America Convention?

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I rearranged the garage a little, cleared out the path to get the Yellow TC out, put a new battery in and she fired right up :)  Been maybe 8-10 months.  Test drive went well, still hates going into 2nd gear. I had 90% of my ducks  in a row to drive 350 miles to Pleasanton and then the roadblocks started.  Ex wifes nephew in SF Bay are is very sick (brain tumor :(  ) so she's going to visit  I will have  the kids.  Still could make it work with a little help from my family to check in on them.  Then I found out the  call schedule has been switched and I'm on trauma call at the university.  Two strikes is all it takes for me to heed the signs. Big red octagon that reads STOP.  Can't make it for the 4th year on a row.  Sorry Hemi and gang  :( 

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