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Original Parts Once removed

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I have what may be a silly question.

I have a lot of old parts removed by my interior guy.

Clips, pins and those special trim piece retainers that according to him are only used once. the part I am talking about is a ribbed nail that goes through an acorn looking piece in a hole in the body. Once the nail goes through the acorn looking piece the ribbed nail holds the trim in piece. Is there any reason to hold on to these nail/retainer pieces, will anybody ever have a use for them??

He used new Ford trim clips to hold everything in place.

See I said it was a silly question.

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Depending on the type of clip, some are reproduced. The best thing to do is go to Restoration Supplies or McMaster-Carr to see if yours are reproduced. If so, they will go for a lot less and may never sell. 

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