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Desperatly Need 1935 Stude Headlight Lens

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The control beam lens was used on the control beam headlines that were standard on the 1935 President and optional on other Studebaker models.

They may have been standard on some high end Commanders.

The had a small solenoid that would move the reflector sideways to redirect the light beam away from approaching cars.

I may have one but I am old and slow , so please have patience.

Robert Kapteyn

See http://www.ebay.com/itm/Automobile-Headlights-1934-Auburn-1934-35-Studebaker-Control-Beam-2pgs-B-/371615975847?hash=item568609c9a7

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There should be a number on the bottom inside of the lens if you still have the broken lens.

These casting or mold number are very hard to read and are 3/16" high and are near the bottom on the inside, usually a 4 digit number

This was a way to identify most 1920's and 1930's lenses.

So far I have not found one for you.

If you find the I.D. number it may be easier to locate. 

Robert Kapteyn

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On Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 8:41 PM, rbk said:


Did you find the number I asked about or shall I quit looking?



Sorry Bob just saw your post, the only number is the US petent # 1945309, the other information on it is 



Control Beam

Head Lamp



The Corcoran Brown Lamp Co

Cincinnati O. USA

US Patent # 1945309


There appears to be no more i formation on the lens sorry.

Best regards Darren




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Did you find the Control Beam lens for your 1935 Studebaker?

I may be able to help.  I don't recall if I have the larger lens for 1934 or the smaller one used in 1935.

It may take a couple of days searching but I'm quite sure that I have one or the other and I'll have a look if you still need one.



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I wonder if the Export label means it is focused for RHD?


Part number 261206 fits LHC 1B Commander and 1C President. #261207 fits RHC 1B and 1C.


#261216 fits 2A Dictator made in USA according to the parts book. It also fits 1A Dictator before car 5,501,798. #262370 fits 1A after that number.


The Canadian version was #262184 for 1A and 2A and the book indicates it is "not available". Whether R or LHC is not mentioned.


I wonder if the number rbk Bob was asking about is like that on my Dodge? It is in tiny raised print on the rim where it is not seen when the lens is mounted. Mine also has the diameters printed there.


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