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Friends of Ancient Road Transportation inquiry

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Hi, Some of you may know me. I have a very strong interest in Prewar cars. I also am very passionate about Brass era large cars. I have heard about a group called the Friends of Ancient Road Transportation Society. This Group seems to enjoy serious Tours with unique early cars. I am wondering if this is just a East Coast thing or if they are spread all over. I know that the local Antique club does a couple of one and two day tours. I have not had a opportunity to Join them yet but plan to start getting out of the shop and get more active in driving some of my Brass era cars. I already daily drive my Auburn's Stutz's Cord and Caddilac. Put more miles on them than my modern pickup. Time to start getting more adventurous.



Kirk Stevenson

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The Friends just had a big tour in Southbury, Ct, found out yesterday. I was a member for a while, very good group of Brass Era drivers. Small low key club, that I believe you have to be asked to join. Bob

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