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1930 Rolls Royce Fire Engine?

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I also posted this in the British section...

My son was surfing the net and found this photo. We think the vehicle is pretty neat but could not find out, (on line at least,) anything more about it?

Does anyone know the history?

Thank you!


Rolls Royce Firetruck  1930.jpg

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It falls into the same category as the tow trucks and many funeral cars... a 2nd life for an old but still usable BIG car... probably done in the late 30s. I'd guess its a British PI. By the late 30s they were hopelessly old fashioned but nearly all of them were still perfectly usable. These conversions were fairly common but, of course, the "antique car" value of an old RR has has resulted in most of them being restored as automobiles (usually with an open body). In the mid-80s I got stuck behind a mid-30s Daimler limo rebuilt as a hearse, still in use, just outside Cheltenham.

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AC: Interesting because I had a RR at one time, but my first love is fire apparatus.  If you haven't, try posting to the SPAAMFAA Facebook page.  SPAAMFAA is a fire apparatus specialist group.  Also, know that there are people who build fake fire apparatus, usually chief's cars because they are relatively simpler.  Thus, are you sure this is an original, or at least old, body?  What was its function?  It doesn't appear to be a pumper; maybe an ambulance?  If an ambulance, why the ladder?  I'll look thru my few photos to see if I spot this one.

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