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Clutch disc resurface service needed

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Make sure that you have a BUICK clutch and not an aftermarket. "Cars" sent mine out to get done (to Florida) then after a month said that it could not be relined since it was an aftermarket one. They did not have stock facings to fit. They also would not accept my clutch disk as a core for a new one (exchange only). They also lost my pressure plate! They did send me another but I had made sure my pressure plate was marked to be replaced in the same position on the flywheel. It was over 3 months before I had all these parts back. I never did find another Buick clutch disk until recently. I took the one I had and sent it to our local NAPA store that still had a machine shop at the time (1988). They quoted me about $35.00 to re-face it. Using the fact that they just charged around $45.00 to a restoration place in town for a double plate clutch for a STUTZ DV-32. They called 3 weeks later to say it was going to be over $165.00! The same reason as with CARS was that they had to make the facings special for it. Remember this was at a time when we still had to send a SASE through the mail for a response. A long distance phone call was also a budgeted item! I did get them to get the price down to around $130. Nearly a year and no clutch. All these issues slowed any progress on my 37-41 and eventually stopped progress for 24 more years.

 Fast forward to 2012 when I had to send my car out to finally get some work done. By then I had several clutches accumulated. None matching a BUICK clutch. Each one was supposed to work including (an International Scout 10" 1/14" X10 spline). Which one to install?  I chose the one I had done at NAPA since that was the most expensive. I have driven the car over 6,000 miles. The clutch works fine except it does have a bit of chatter.

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I know you are a long way away, but "Denver clutch and brake", did I fine job on my "40 LTD with the clutch relining and the brake shoes too.

Just "google" them and the freight should not be that bad, if you send your disk out there for relining.  I'm sure they have a web site.

I thought their prices were very reasonable.


Mike in Colorado

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    Greetings !    So  ,   as I  had  mention ,  I called  Fort wayne  125.00  ....      Also  a  place in jersey   called  Industrial brake ,  Morganville    -  had to see to give price.       Larry  :   I  told them  all  about  the chance of having a  aftermarket disc !   they said it didn't matter  !!!      Also  Mike :   just called Denver :  the girl didn't see very helpful at all  and said I had to" send it over " .

  Sometimes things are so complicated for no reason !   If a guy  doesn't know the price of something ,  that's because he  maybe has never done it before ?    So  should I send it to him ?   And by the time I  spend money and time sending it to Denver  and God knows whats gonna come out ?    I  just  don't know .....   I think  I'm staying with Cars   .     I think  they  charge 89.00  .    I'm  sure   I'm not the first  one to ask them for a resurface of a 37 !   come  on  !    BUt   on the other hand ,  hope that the same that happened to   Larry   doesn't repeat .

   I think this is a very good  conversation , cause it shows the different experiences  that we go thru with  different   vendors and

service   so  we learn from each other !!!!   This is just an extra disc that I have , and planning to keep as spare .     Does anyone knows the    size  ?     for the 37  special is it 8  and 1/4  or  some  ?  

                                                                     Thanks  to  all    and I will sure to  let you know  " whos is  who "    on clutch resurface !


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TX   Chad        By  the way   I just used     Arthur gould    for my water pump rebuilt  and they did a great job !

   I'm going to put   on the other topic  about   water pump rebuilders so  everybody knows '

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     Good afternoon !    So , I called white post    and spoke to a nice Gent . He tells me they only do the disc for 125.00 and he has to send it out to   Fort wayne  .  He was nice enough to let me know that I'm more then welcome to take everything  to fort wayne 

  (which charges 125  for disc and 175  for plate ) .

                                                   Well    lets see what else I can check.......  lol

    But  when I called fort wayne  they showed   confidence in   doing   the job   even if  it comes out to be a aftermarket  disc ( which I don't think it is anyway ) .

    What bugs me is  that  when I called a few places ,  they just  didn't sound very comfortable   doing the job  !!!

      So......   I would pick  Fort wayne   or   Cars (   lets make believe that Larry had a bad luck day and Cars is using someone different )       I'm gonna give them a call just to check   before make the move !     

                                                               Will keep post



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