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1930 Packard 733 320ci engine-FREE (Tx)


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I have a 1930 Packard 733 320ci straight 8 engine, clutch and pressure plate which has been previously fully restored (as I understand it) but then involved in a serious building fire which has damaged the alloy crankcase badly and other parts of the engine. The head is cracked, there are no bolt on parts on the engine. Clutch and pressure plate are attached. Engine is rough but too good to scrap. There will be some parts that can be salvaged. It is in Bonham Texas and is available for pickup. Maybe a very small donation to the guy who would load it would be appreciated, but that's your call. If you can use it its there. I will post pics as soon as I can 

147_9552 (2).JPG

147_9554 (2).JPG

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no takers yet and need it gone by end of May. There will be parts that can be salvaged when it is opened up. I really dont want to scrap it. Packard parts are too good for that. All internals were machined and new bearings, pistons etc were fitted before fire. Must be of use to somebody for spares?

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