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Cushman Eagle:

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I am interested in locating and buying an early '60's Cushman Eagle.  Does not have to be operable but should be fairly complete.  Send me a private message if you can give me any leads!!  Minus the original motor is okay!!  Thanks!!  Located in Indiana

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I have a MANURHIN scooter, 1957 made in France, some say it's the only one in the USA.  I live in Indy.  I have owned it for many years, I have to many projects, so with regret I will sell it.  I have owned Eagles, this is cooler than such.


I have a complete parts break down book, in English, it shows how every single parts goes together to.  You can Google images of MANURHIN scooters and see pictures. It's a two passenger scooter.  Either the engine is locked or the rear wheel.  I have not looked into the issue.  There a lots of these in France, and parts are available.  There is a web site covering this scooter.


If you are interested, PM me an Email address, and I will send pic's.  I'm 79, don't know how to load pictures, SORRY.


Dale in Indy

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