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Front License Plate Options

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::sigh:::  A local constable determined that after two years of ownership that I should be cited for not having a front license plate (parked in front of my house).  I'm sure this topic has been covered before, but what license plate frames can be affixed to the TC without screwing up the look?  There are no pre-drilled holes in the bumper and I'd probably prefer factory but close counts if another brand is an option. If anyone local to the Metro DC / Northern VA area has one to sell that would be great, otherwise any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks. JOE

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I have a factory front plate holder on mine (it's broken). They are unique to the TC because they fit the form of the bumper cover. I would think that just about any aftermarket front holder can work, but yes, you will have to drill holes. :(

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I've got a used front license plate bracket off of 1990 TC.

E-mail Gary at Mopargary@aol.com for further details.


I am also parting out the rest of my 1990 TC. VIN #206369        


White paint is very good.No clear coat peal anywhere on the car.


Unfortunately the TC was hit at left pillar assembly & the left door.


Everything mechanical seems to be working great.
It also has a good working Teves power brake system.

It has a beautiful black interior & great center arm rest,black cloth top, 

great headlight assembly's & tail lights,beautiful grill,great hood & insulator,
factory wheels & white removable hardtop.
Everything else besides what I mentioned would be great for parts.


It has the 3.0 liter V/6 engine that runs good with only 41527 miles on it
and a good reman Mopar 4 speed automatic transmission.


Additional accessories for a TC that are available are:
White TC hardtop, original TC tool kit , TC umbrella
1990-1991 TC factory service manual and a 1990 TC owners manual with cover.
I also have the 1990 & a 1991 Illustrated Mopar factory parts manuals with binders. 
Shipping & handling is extra.
E-mail Gary at Mopargary@aol.com with your parts request.
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