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1941 DeSoto Custom Club Coupe

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This 1941 DeSoto Custom 5 Passenger Club Coupe has quite the story. Darlene is the current owner, and is a niece of Clarence. After serving in the military during WWII, Clarence splurged and bought this car new on January 9, 1941 from R.C. Keller Motor Co., Inc. in York, Pennsylvania for $1093.50. Actually paid $725 when he traded in another car. The most money Uncle Clarence ever spent at once could have been on this 1941 DeSoto. He only drove it when the weather was nice and often walked to work everyday. He kept it protected from the elements by storing it in his garage. The 44,000 miles were mostly from drives through the countryside with his parents on beautiful days. Darlene remembers riding in the back seat as a child with her mother and grandparents on the way to picnics to Apple Country in Adams County, PA. She vividly remembers his 6' 2" body with gray hair always smiling and giving kind words to everyone. Darlene has many great memories of this car and her uncle together. She inherited the car in 1980 and but has been stored it in her garage since 1979 when it was driven to her home in Lititz. When it arrived to her home, it was set on blocks with the wheels off the ground until February of 2016 when it was taken to Steffy's Garage in Leola, PA for servicing. Scott Steffy has collected and worked on antique cars over the years and was able to get the brakes working as they should, and got the car in running and driving condition. Very little work was done to get this antique car into its current condition. The gas tank was just replaced as the original had a hole rusted through on the top. Seat covers have protected the seats since Clarence bought it and appear to be in great shape. The covers have been removed to show the condition, but are being sold with the car. All of the gauges on the dash are known to be working along with the lights, wipers and horns. Be sure to check out all of the photos on this page and video at

This impressive car is in great original condition and comes with a great story. You don't see or hear about cars like this very often. You know you are getting a quality antique car with no surprises when you bid on this DeSoto. Darlene's wish for this car is to create more great memories for someone else as she remembers and cherishes hers. If you would like to set up a private showing of the car, please email mike@kellerauctioneers or call our office at 717-653-8871 to schedule an appointment. All bidding is online. This auction will begin to close on Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00 pm EST.  Go to https://kellerauctioneers.hibid.com/catalog/75871/1941-desoto-online-only-auction/


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WWII was going on in Norway, Poland, Germany, France, China, Manchuria, Italy, Ethiopia, Libya, and the U.K. a while before the U.S. entered it. 

He could have bought the DeSoto after being involved with the Flying Tigers in China or even in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Battle of Britain, I guess.

But he would be about the only American to come back from the war in January, 1941. More likely there's a typo..........or people aren't studying history like they should.

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Matt, we work hard to to maintain our reputation. If you see anything that is embellished about the car, please call it out. We'd appreciate it.


The history story we posted is from the family we are representing. We posted it as it was given to us. We will work to clarify the date of purchase, however the car is a 1941 and we believe it speaks for itself as noted in the pictures and video.


We'd be happy to have anyone take a look at the car. Give us a call. 717-653-8871



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Not unusual for family not to have all the details exactly correct but the car in question is sure a great example of a survivor from the period.  Being a PA car it's lack of rust is incredible.  Hope it finds a good home!



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I have 41 Desoto deluxe (profile pic). They are a wonderful car, smooth as a sewing machine. Mine still has the WWII gas ration sticker in the windshield. I actually bought it to resell a few years ago but it is never leaving the family, I just fell in love with it's originality. I don't have any pictures of the car in 1941 so I had one drawn. I am a veteran so the artist drew my car pulling up to the Army recruiter volunteering for WWII. 


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