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1924 to 1927 Buick Standard Touring wood drawings and assembly

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I have traced and added dimensions where I could for the wood sills from my 1925 Buick standard touring car (1925-25).  In fact, I have drawn almost all of the wood in the car for those that need help with their Buick wood.  I called the print shop, and they can make a full size copy of the sills drawing for roughly $25 each.  The sill copy is full sized at 7 foot x 3 foot.  I am wondering how many copies I should make.  I will sell these at cost. and you will need to cover the postage. 

I would like to know who has interest in these.  Let me know your interest in copies of other wood parts as well.  They charge roughly $1 by the square foot for copies, and all of the other wood parts are on drawings of 3 foot x 4 foot or smaller.  The 3 x 4 sized drawings are $12 each.

Attached is a photo of the 3 x 7 drawing.  It is a big drawing and I had to get on a ladder to photograph it.  This should save you a lot of time and reduce errors in making new sills.  I also have photos of the parts, the entire part, and close ups. 




W sill top.JPG

W sill top front.JPG

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As someone who has had to reproduce some minor wood pieces in the doors and hinge post on my car, I can appreciate the dedication you must have to this project. I hope others who have need of this come forward. Unfortunately, the dozen or so cars I know of are pretty much together, Having said that, I really appreciated the images Hugh has posted. I have had to replace some of the bottom of the right side of striker post. My issue is that to access all this wood the body has to be off the frame. Not something I wanted to do on my car. so I had to repair in place.

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This is a great opportunity to use a 3D scanner to make a computer file of these wood parts.


Just think how convenient and accurate it would be to be able to print out only the parts you need to replace.


Someone may even be able to reproduce such parts on a computer controlled router.



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Posted (edited)

These are the wood pieces and the assembly that makes up a 1925 Buick Standard Wood Frame.   Buick built the Touring car bodies (likely Roadsters too), and Fisher body built the Sedans and Coupes.  This is 3 powerpoint slideshows turned into .jpg for posting purposes.  I am no longer making copies of the paperwork for the wood drawings, but the files are available and you can take care of making your own copies.  All the wood shown in the photo below has been drawn full scale.  Hugh

2137046250_Wood1-3-1.thumb.JPG.a08084a452f2575b12e4037ce09d6959.JPG1754707445_Wood1-3-2.thumb.JPG.db2306571f263f274b953d5046f11040.JPG1281591373_Wood1-3-3.thumb.JPG.915c6041151807491935a32375508592.JPG52043272_Wood1-3-4.thumb.JPG.4056c8c20deb2863d13c6a615bd79444.JPG1765369874_Wood1-3-5.thumb.JPG.4fc9dee978d0e95d8c81d4fa39edd962.JPG541819839_Wood1-3-6.thumb.JPG.893b601fea1d783f0a5e2d5762023d96.JPG935060405_Wood1-3-7.thumb.JPG.fb312706c9156089a0cf8f1a69a8912a.JPG1124334225_Wood1-3-8.thumb.JPG.df70edbc2332c895a10508e416de0a7a.JPG1057801984_Wood1-3-9.thumb.JPG.f25507e7e59c6652646970aeb25c6b5d.JPG853356426_Wood1-3-10.thumb.JPG.7851ba116c3cf6528b063da10b21afd8.JPG2083128927_Wood1-3-11.thumb.JPG.ebd2137be824c60508e015a04ad4c5c9.JPG1994501541_Wood2-3-1.thumb.JPG.7412b91defd98f3ce357466631beceb7.JPG1873514973_Wood2-3-2.thumb.JPG.deab434ac81b166631a834d638fdba77.JPG1661439313_Wood2-3-3.thumb.JPG.cd46b8da33b1d98079b069fc89a02745.JPG1307855352_Wood2-3-4.thumb.JPG.2536185e85b72b3add4c2fb8383b31a0.JPG878554055_Wood2-3-5.thumb.JPG.ba408971947b4bbb987efcdf655b5cb6.JPG1016418192_Wood2-3-6.thumb.JPG.05467a82cdf3a87a8ee86bcfc59ba9fd.JPG772519853_Wood2-3-7.thumb.JPG.151085772e6d711c55725fb58a0bc5dc.JPGWood 2-3-8.JPG1307855352_Wood2-3-4.thumb.JPG.2536185e85b72b3add4c2fb8383b31a0.JPG1962967118_Wood2-3-9.thumb.JPG.bc20fee0e93dc265b87cd95ed366afec.JPG1379900803_Wood2-3-10.thumb.JPG.e17241fb3d53f33bfd12e40795d10ab9.JPG1709112157_Wood2-3-11.thumb.JPG.0ad5357071a5db30590767b08542cdd5.JPG1213570648_Wood2-3-12.thumb.JPG.1a3add425aed1e935b0d0050c23c8f1e.JPG1862515179_Wood2-3-13.thumb.JPG.3ed4c331ae2333c8b9421578c54ec3e5.JPG422639181_Wood3-3-1.thumb.JPG.8b8eee6a1cfaf13d2154d33df4ed22ef.JPG1304822866_Wood3-3-2.thumb.JPG.d6686ac1eba662aff93215ade4270935.JPG1508648059_Wood3-3-3.thumb.JPG.7b9945e20edcd852f9d7ffe2fbf2832b.JPG59285499_Wood3-3-4.thumb.JPG.e8783034992547386355f8447804d138.JPG1749414978_Wood3-3-5.thumb.JPG.3e88ba87ab1ea3b65e9c5e114aac129a.JPG1885559542_Wood3-3-6.thumb.JPG.1e2e5e8c4969f8450840ff548dd6e656.JPG839223829_Wood3-3-7.thumb.JPG.0b4328f169c057925db34de3de7dbb40.JPG948634253_Wood3-3-8.thumb.JPG.5347226583d33342a74b035e51611869.JPG1582746610_Wood3-3-9.thumb.JPG.abb7c48e0e5f7a8c27ab221296a17394.JPG1101599850_Wood3-3-10.thumb.JPG.145c6c6eba4df62799295b2516da89d2.JPG523485864_Wood3-3-11.thumb.JPG.f08b134b7d291a566674a611cbed18b2.JPG888504542_Wood3-3-12.thumb.JPG.c3f6cf95f1ca8b3247da2b7d8d7210f7.JPG281851606_Wood3-3-13.thumb.JPG.b472fd9dda66cbc3d461a282c480ddc3.JPG857292023_Wood3-3-14.thumb.JPG.769f409dec180067252aa643ba885235.JPG372534524_Wood3-3-15.thumb.JPG.5aefe5fc13c3616d2a8f583457cd9633.JPG


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This is some really great documentation. What a service to early buick owners. None of the GM body manuals cover touring cars. I have a 1926 Buick Master Six sedan. I have been repairing all the wood frame parts for 9 months. It is tricky getting the doors to line up with the pillars. I had to pull the fender wells together with a come-along to attach the metal braces to the rear hinge posts. This ligned up the doors with center lock pillar. I'm now working on the passenger side, front door pillar, rear window and door pillar and top sill.

I'm adding metal brackets top snd bottom to the the 2 lock pillars. I chose 3/4 birch plywood for the rear foor instead of the 5 inch tongue and groove ash to add strength to the cross sills. Fred Rawling has helped with many parts.


Don Stockton

Citrus Heights California

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