1935 Dodge Brothers DVD 4 Tour CDN

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Can anyone direct me to a source for a Canadian built 1935 Dodge Brothers 4 door sedan?

Or can anyone elaborate on the VIN and body tag.

VIN plate: 9463968

Body Tag:2076, DVD 4 Tour.

I just recently purchased this which was a true barn find.

Well it sat beside the barn and was driven to that location.

Tires rotted off and on the rims.

Last driven in 1949 and still has the license plates on it.

Interior is toast but body is solid and is reasonably complete.

Engine compartment is complete and looks like it would fire right up.

Even had all the keys sitting on the head in a old leather pouch.

When I first saw it I noticed some subtle differences from a Detroit car.

Front fenders, bumpers, hood, tags, chrome trim, etc.

I will assume the Chrysler Historical cannot provide a build card but checking anyways.

I had initially bought it to supply some parts to my 35 Coupe.

Now I think I should not part it out it is too complete and deserves a restoration.

I am thinking the 35 DB Touring Sedans are somewhat rarer than their Detroit cousins.


At any rate any information and comments appreciated.



Dodge Brother




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I have owned a 1935 Dodge DVD4 since 1973. Your serial number confirms this as 1935 Dodge Dv first built was 9,460,021 with a 3 1/8 bore 6 cyl engine. The car in the picture is spot on to what I have. Both bumpers should have a curve, not straight across. Most of the missing parts are available at flea markets but requires an eye for what you need and searching. The hood ornament could be a problem but I am zeroing on one now.

To this point I have come across maybe 5 in Ontario, some original some modified.

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I ran a post recently on a Canadian '36 Dodge and learned a great deal about specific details and differences (from American models) from a nice forum member named "chrycoman". I'll give a link to that recent thread so you can see his posts and, perhaps contact him.



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