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Wood Steering Wheel Finishing

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I posted this question a while back, but now when I need the answer, I can't seem to find the posts that I saved. I tried looking back through the topics but could not find it. So here it is again.<P>After months of fixing the joints on the steering wheel for my 1912 E-M-F, I am ready to think about the finish. <P>The wood is a dark wood. I believe someone told me that E-M-F's used walnut for the wood rims. But the wood I have seen on the two E-M-F's I have been able to look at up close does not appear to be the same color. <P>How would these wheels have been finished originlly? <P>Would they have been stained?<P>what kind of top coat?<P>You can see pictures of the wheel on the E-M-F Home page under the "restoration" link and then the "Steering Wheel" link.<P><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>E-M-F Homepage</A><P>Thanks in advance for the help.

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