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I have changed all 4 cylds and some lines.   It was more a thought on precaution.     I have seen cars blow a line but because of a larger master they get a couple more weaker stops.    Just though maybe someone had adapted something that I could think and look at

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This is a good system as designed. If you are unsure as to the condition of the steel lines or the hoses, replace them.

No need to attempt a modification, unless you are planning dual circuits, Disk brakes, etc.


My '37 Roadmaster stops great since we did the system completely.

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Like Marty stated do the entire system replacement. Lines hoses etc. We had done so and our 1937-41 stops great. Just remember these braking systems do need maintenance/adjustment to work at their best. While on tour with the 1936-38 club one of our members had his brakes lock up. Return hole in the master cylinder plugged up. We tried to effect an on the road repair. We had to bleed the brakes in order to get the car moved out of traffic. The fluid in the master cylinder was the consistency of molasses.

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There was a thread a couple of years ago wherein a member installed a dual master cylinder in his 37 (Roadmaster, I think).  It was a LOT of work.  I mean A LOT of work.  A REAL lot of work.  More than I wanted to do, anyway.


I put a dual master cylinder in my 37 Cord, largely because the state of that car's disassembly made it all easily accessible.  Turns out it fit without frame or linkage alterations other than installing new steel brake lines to go to the front and to the back.


So--choose your battle.  Changing my Roadmaster to a dual cylinder did not seem worth the effort.  I rebuilt what was original with new hoses and cylinders, and it has worked fine ever since.



Cord brakes.png

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I upgraded the MC in my '37 Special to a two reservoir unit from an early '70s Buick.  I had to move the MC onto the other side of the frame X and modify the pedal some. I also had to make a new push rod and a plate to mount the MC.   It helped that the body wasn't on the frame. 







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