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Skylark seats


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My skylark is modified but this is applicable to stock.

Buick crammed a Roadmaster seat into the 1954 Skylark. Betty is modified, but retains a very stock look so I decided to do the original seat rather than Buckets. 

The 54 Skylark with a Wide body seat looked good but wasn't the best idea. The seat touches the doors and that is a problem on a convertible. Worse. If you try to bring the seat up into the grandma position it hits the armrest. Not much I could do about that. At the factory they took a hammer and beat out a flat spot for the seat mounts and welded in a small plate. I made a couple of brackets to give a better mounting pad. The original seat is very problematic.


I had the original interior for patterns and had it made in leather for a fraction of the price of a Jenkins interior. However, the Jenkins kit is top quality and perfect, so don't take this as an alternative. I have a retired upholstery guy but to make a custom leather interior would otherwise be extremely expensive. Also, my car is modified so I can take some liberties. I also removed the hydraulic system and used electric rams. Everything is done in a manner leaving it practical to go back to original if a purist ever wanted to take that on. 


The red cloth just didn't quite cut it, the Black leather was that final touch, just had a little too much red. Will it be ready for the all Buick show in Loveland? Of course, I never get behind schedule very often.




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