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"BUICKS ON THE BRICKS" Car show, Flint, MI, August 2016


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Attached is a flyer for the 2016 "BUICKS ON THE BRICKS" car show being held as part of the annual "BACK TO THE BRICKS" show held in Flint Michigan.  BACK TO THE BRICKS is two weeks worth of car cruises, drive-in movies, concerts, and a huge car show held on the downtown streets of Flint Michigan.  You probably saw the excellent article by Alan Oldfield  on last years Buick only show  on Flints historic Water Street, in the Feb. 2016 Bugle.  This years Buick show will even be better, so bring your Buicks, and take part of the weeks long "BACK TO THE BRICKS" activity in Flint, Michigan, home of Buick and General Motors.  (Remember to come early, as Water Street parking is limited and is filled on a first come basis, see flyer and web site for details, and check the "Back to the Bricks" web site for details on all of the activities going on)







BTTB Flyer   001.jpg

Revised Flyer (see edit history)
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Our Buick has been a member of the family since February 2nd 1985 when it was delivered to my Mother in Law at Belford Buick Davison Michigan. On August 16th 2016 she sold the car to my wife and I.

We were invited to bring it to the Buick back to the bricks at the Davison Back to the Bricks tune up show.


We had every intentions of doing so but our over heating problem reared it's ugly head again, and is parked in the shop till Monday first chance to work on it. Last idem is a new clutch fan as every thing else has been thought of and replaced.


Replaced the thermostat drove it to Port Huron to the Main street memory's show fine.

Had a total cooling system flush done, Drove it to and from the St Johns mint festival show last week end every thing was fine.


Drove it to Flint Wednesday and it over heated on the way home.









It is also awaiting a paint job. the pictures lie a little as we had a sudden down pour just minutes before the pictures were taken.


Wish we could be there but unable to this year.



:D   Al

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Loved the people at the St John's mint show. Really friendly and got us set up next to some nice neighbors (non Smokers). We also were drew for a door prize, A 5 gallon pail, a gallon of car wash soap, a sponge, a Armour all container of scented interior wipes and several polish cloths in a roll.






Have added this one to our 2018 list of shows to attend along with the Port Huron show home of the friendliest car people in Michigan so far.


:D  Al



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