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54fins garage

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After some disputes with HOA's I moved to a 3 acre horse property. Should have done that a long time ago but better late than never. The shop is a pole barn with a high bay intended for RV storage. I have another pole barn with horse stalls that is converted to car storage, but my wife calls it "Gods little acre". I traded the horse stalls for a tractor and I'm fencing in an area for car chopping (best done in private). So, the horse barn is now a horse-power barn, the car then moves to the shop and the complete cars go in the garage for detail and storage. I work on any make I find interesting but the Buicks do dominate. Betty is in the garage getting a black leather interior. There is another Skylark in the barn and the new frame has already been started. The shop has a 56 convertible and a 56 donor is on the lift, now sliced and diced. I'm a convertible nut. The 425 nailhead is out of a 1964 Riviera and the remains were sold off to a guy restoring a Riv so it worked out well.


We are getting good at updating drive trains. Unfortunately you get a lot of friends when you have a shop that delay my projects so I had to run off any outside work. We had a snowy winter and now it looks like I can get these moving for the all Buick car show in Loveland. I do have a lot of 54 to 56 parts so if you are ever in Colorado do look me up.






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1 hour ago, First Born said:





SAY WHAT??!!! Must I remind you this is a family friendly forum Ben, geeze!!!!


Great shop and thread fins, thanks for sharing.

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7 minutes ago, First Born said:


 I am not a SOUTHERNER, Lamar!!:D



You got that right, ya can't even spell suthena


Sorry fins, couldn't resist. Now back to our regularly scheduled thread.


Looks like a pretty well equipped garage. Noticed what appears to be a Buck Wood Stove. Any concerns using it around gas. Talked to my insurance company about using one and thy had no problem, they just want to come out and inspect it after installation. Said it needs to be I forget how many inches above the floor. 

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Nice shop. A lift is always a great tool!!!  Not only work on cars but play the electric guitar as will!   


HOA serve a purpose.  For car guys with running open headers from time to time and "lawn art" that looks like, well, a classic car needing work...not so much.   For those wanting to paint their homes hot pink with purple shutters are best steered away from HOA.    The best part of my garage and prying eyes is a garage door. :)      One man said it best.  "If you see smoke from your neighbors chimney it's time to move." Daniel Boone.    

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