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water pump rebuilders

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Most early pumps are quite easy to rebuild yourself if you have the skills but where I've needed a professional rebuilder I've used Gould Rebuilders on Long Island, NY with complete satisfaction.  Many friends who have also used with him similar results.  He also does good work on fuel pumps.

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the original Arthur gould operated out of his basement in his house in kings park, long island. I do not recall the exact year he sold it but the new owners are in a shop in the town of kings park. Arthur did good work . the last pump I had done by the new owners seemed to be alright but I found out  it was not doing a good a good job of moving water at idle and was making a squeaking noise it did not make before the rebuild. I called them and they were eager for me to bring it back so they can look at it. I am in north carolina now, but will be up in NY this july. I believe they are a good shop and perhaps this pump is just tired. the pump was in the car about 7 years, but I was never happy with it. I will keep this site posted as to the outcome. the time on the car is not all that relevant as we do not put much mileage on our cars. I eventually bought a new cardone pump and it does a better job. I did lose the look of the original, as well as the original itself. my car is all original in every respect possible. it is a 1954 Chrysler Windsor deluxe convertible, 265 flathead, automatic. I drove the car to NC from NY when I moved in 2008, so the pump works, just not doing as good a job as the new one. with all that said, I would still recommend gould as a rebuilder.     capt den

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