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37 Packard 120 Restoration Progress Report


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Well, we decided to put the front end on the car even though we were missing the inner fender panels and engine belly splash pans.  Engine sounds great, smooth and quiet.  The missing parts were holding things up but couldn't wait any longer.  Just wasn't having any luck.  Wanted straight panels and haven't found any yet.  Also still need trunk/rumble seat handle(s).  I am confident someone  has these parts sitting in their garage or storage building.  It is just a matter of making the connection and then the purchase.  Photos attached show where the car was as of last week.  A little dusty sitting in the shop but will wash up nicely.  Looks more like a car now that the front end is on the car.  Hopefully it is on the road by the end of the year.  I won't run it without fender panels. Too much dirt will get into the engine compartment.   I am planning to buy a set of the new Diamond Back radials that replicate the old tire design but am told they will not be available until sometime in June.  Diamond Back refers to them as Auburn tires.  I prefer radials with the old tread and sidewall appearance and that is what Diamond Back is reproducing.

Happy motoring now that Summer is finally here in the Midwest!


37 Packard 120




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Looking for the final few parts has been challenging but surprising because I didn't think these basic parts would be hard to find like inner fender panels, splash pans, trunk handle, air cleaner.  I guess I narrowed the number of available part becuae I was looking for parts in nice shape versus rusty dented parts.   Anyway, the car was driven outside to see the first light of day in about 2 years since the resto started for a few pics.  Then back in the garage until I find the parts I need and the interior/top folks can do their thing later this year.




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Guest jim rosenthal

You might try Dave Mitchell in Geneseo, IL. He has a lot of Packard parts, although I don't know if he has these specifically.

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