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Craigslist 1954 Special 2-Door


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Mr. Earl, here's another one for you. Not mine, just saw it on CL.




Cl 54 Buick rear.jpgCL 54 Buick.jpg



I'm selling this 1954 Buick Special for a friend. The car is in good condition for it's age. It is equipped with a 150 horsepower V8 with an automatic transmission. Here's what I know about the car. The car needs a paint job and some work on the chrome, but it's very solid and the interior is in excellent condition with no tears in the upholstery. This car runs and drives nice. The odometer reads 16,024 miles. The engine was rebuilt about 6,000 miles ago. The gas tank was removed and sent off to be reconditioned and apoxy sealed several years ago. This is only the second owner of the car, and he's had the car for about 16 years. If you're looking for an old car like this to fix up and have fun cruising around in, then this is the one I would buy. I've seen ones like this one out there in a whole lot worse condition and for a lot more money. The owner isn't able to restore it and he doesn't want to see the car go to waste. Please serious calls or texts only. No Trades. Cash only! If interested call or text. Price: $7,000.00


In St. Stephen, SC.



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I love POST cars,  always have, not a much as a HT, but I like.


Now if Mr. Earl, aka Lamar, was to buy it, I would donate a cool set of SCALLOPS. 


Such a deal,  my father would say, "THAT'S A DIG BEAL".  He also said, "IF YOU DON'T DRIVE A BUICK, YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH",,,,,,,and he would say when he saw a car pull onto the dealership lot, "DALE, HERE COMES ANOTHER SUCKER, I MEAN CUSTOMER",  I ALWAYS GET THAT CONFUSED", then laugh.  May he rest in PEACE. 


Dale in Indy

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