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1954 Chrysler Switch/knobs

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OK, it seems so simple but for the life of me I cannot get the knobs off the light and dash switches. I know there is a secret, but it is not obvious. Any help? How about a nice headlamp switch, the one I have has been marred previously in an attempt before I got the car. Thanks, Rob

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Found it, there is a socket screw,, behind the dash, underneath, when the panel is out you can see it, but it the car it is almost non-obtainable. Now to the other switches........

By the way, I have a new switch, but would like a nice knob for the headlamp switch. Rob

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.    My 54 New Yorker has holes underneath the gauge pod to insert a Allen wrench and loosen the knob set screw. There was non under the light switch, which is on the dash board.  I had to remove the dash to remove the switch.  There is an access hole under it now.


New York


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