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How much is a Crystal Key worth?

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Hi everyone,

I was recently looking for a 1990 2-sided uncut Chrysler OEM Crystal (warranty) key, and I came across someone who had only one, and it is more than I would expect to pay. There are currently none I can find on ebay (or for sale elsewhere), so does anyone know if they are really worth that much, or if they are for sale (or someone has one) elsewhere that I could buy?

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The un-cut Crystal Key is worth what it's worth to someone who wants it and the more you want it, the more it's worth. This is one of those things where the seller knows what he wants and the buyer knows what he will pay. Physically the thing isn't worth $5, but supply and demand set the price.


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Here is a  of site having the NOS Chrysler crystal keys. I'm uncertain if they are like the original TC key. the pictures that I've seen look very similar to these. They are pricey though..  they supposedly are able to cut a TC style blank with the crystal insert.



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